BAK 2016 Calendar of Events

The BAK 2016 National Calendar of Events comprising programme of activities and events for the year 2016.

The 2016 league shall be officially known as the SportPesa National League:

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February 4 - 6National NovicesAll RegionsNairobiBAK
February 26 - 27National IntermediateAll RegionsNdenderuCentral BA
March 9 - 20Olympics Qualifying EventNational TeamCameroonAFBC
April 14 - 161st LegAll League TeamsMombasaCoast BA
April 21 - 23Youth & Juniors (Boys and Girls)All RegionsTBCBAK
April 301st Inter-RegionalKDF vs KisumuKisumuNyanza BA
April 301st Inter-RegionalPolice vs CoastMombasaCoast BA
April 301st Inter-RegionalPrisons vs NakuruNakuruRVP BA
May 19 - 212nd LegAll League TeamsKisumuNyanza BA
June 42nd Inter-RegionalKDF vs CoastMombasaCoast BA
June 42nd Inter-RegionalPolice vs NakuruNakuruRVP BA
June 42nd Inter-RegionalPrisons vs KisumuKisumuNyanza BA
June 17 - 19Final AOB Olympics Qualifying EventNational TeamBaku, AzerbaijanAIBA
July 7 - 93rd LegAll League TeamsTBCCentral BA
July 303rd Inter-RegionalKDF vs NakuruNairobiRVP BA
July 303rd Inter-RegionalPolice vs KisumuKisumu Nyanza BA
July 303rd Inter-RegionalPrisons vs CoastMombasaCoast BA
August 5 - 21Olympic GamesNational TeamRio de Janeiro, BrazilAIBA
August 18 - 20Youth & Juniors (Boys and Girls)All RegionsNairobiBAK
September 15 - 174th LegAll League TeamsMachakosBAK
October 14th Inter-RegionalKDF vs KisumuKisumuNyanza BA
October 14th Inter-RegionalPolice vs CoastMombasaCoast BA
October 14th Inter-RegionalPrisons vs NakuruNakuruRVP BA
October 20 - 225th LegAll League TeamsNakuruRVP BA
November 17 - 19National OpenAll RegionsNairobiBAK
December 8 - 10Youth & Juniors (Boys and Girls)All RegionsMombasaBAK