Boxing Association of Kenya is the predecessor to the Amateur Boxing Association of Kenya. It is the national governing body for boxing in Kenya and is responsible for the governance, development and administration of boxing in clubs and competition. Kenya has a long, celebrated history of boxing in both the regional and international arena.

It also represents Kenya as a member of the International Boxing Association (AIBA). It is run by a board that is responsible for administration and development of boxing as a sport in Kenya, financial management, development of corporate identity, reputation and media profile, overview of rules and regulations.

Our ‘Knock Out’ Charter

The BAK is determined to:

  1. Promote the development of a culture supportive of best practice boxing and civics that encourage behaviour that will produce productive and well rounded individuals;
  2. Promote dignity, respect and cooperation between all boxers, coaches and gymnasiums;
  3. Take active steps to promote healthy lifestyle choices through best practice nutrition, fitness and injury reduction initiatives.
  4. Promote strategic links with community centres, schools, universities and youth services focusing on engaging with disadvantaged young people.
  5. Promote our regional and national boxing calendar that provides opportunities for the development of competition based pathways.